Chester “Chet” “CT” Hogoboom

It’s been a long and musical road since my first music lessons and band practices as a teenager in Fresno, California. I had always loved listening to music and was especially taken back as we all were by the early 60’s British Invasion. In 1965 I took in my first rock concert, the Rolling Stones and the Byrds at Ratcliffe Stadium in Fresno. The girls eventually stormed the stage and the Stones were taken off in an armored truck. I ended up (long story) with the Stones snare drum. Now having a professional drum I talked my parents into letting me take drum lessons. This went well and I soon hooked up with other local teens in bands playing sorority/ fraternity parties, school dances and business grand openings. I always sang and in high school I sang in chorus and performed with Harley Ogata, friend and fellow basketball player in a harmonious Simon and Garfunkel type duo, playing hootenannies and rallies. Upon graduating high school and heading off to college in San Luis Obispo, I sold my drum kit and eventually traded a sleeping bag for a banged up acoustic guitar and started learning to play.


Tommy Lee

I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, Ca. A town located not far from the coast in central California. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for music. My mother’s father came from the Azores; he played Viola at Fiestas there. I remember listening to him play and sing to me in Portuguese, and my Mom and I singing duets together while she washed dishes, when I was a small child. I started playing music in Elementary & Jr. High School bands (violin, clarinet and drums) and dabbling on the ukulele and a very old hand me down Dobro. I remember going over to my cousin in laws house, he was playing an electric guitar through an amplifier, To this day, I still remember how magical that sound was for me. A high school friend of mine named Gary Winburne and I both bought AirLine guitars from Montgomery Wards and started learning how to play them. We were introduced to a fellow guitarist, Peter Graham who in turn introduced me to the music of bluesman Freddy King , I started learning most of his instrumentals ,”Hideaway” San Jose” etc.. and I was ‘ hooked for life ‘… Gary switched to Bass guitar, we found a drummer, Doug Scott, and “The Sentinals” were formed. My Mom and Dad took me to San Francisco and found me a beautiful cherry-sunburst Fender Stratocaster guitar in a pawn shop. I’d like to put in a special note of love and appreciation here to my Mother and Father whose love, encouragement and endearing patience allowed me to grow up to be the person I was born to be, an artist, an entertainer, and a musician.


Bruce Sorensen

Bruce started performing at birth and hasn’t stopped. Mom was a piano and voice teacher who was also choir director at their church so he had no choice. When he heard the Beatles and Motown he was hooked on Pop and Rock music in general and the Bass particularly. He has had the pleasure to play with rock and pop pioneers like Jan & Dean, Dee Clark (Raindrops) Doris Troy (Just One Look) and Martha Reeves (Dancing in the Street).
Moving his family from Orange County to the Central Coast in the late 80s, he was soon playing with some of the best known and talented players in the area. Through Monte Mills he played extensively with Louie Ortega, Billy Fappiano, Dorian Michael and many more. Fronting his own bands Bad Sushi and Julie & The Baddogs for the last 20 years has made him a fixture at local resorts, hotels and bars. And now playing with Tommy Lee and Chet Hogaboom has been one of his greatest pleasures yet.